Printmaking is perhaps my favorite medium, my preferred form being traditional woodcut. At UW Stevens Point, I was able to focus my senior thesis exhibit on scenic  images inspired from Glacier National Park, carving blocks that capture single moments from the experience. The images from these blocks stand on their own, but also serve as components in larger, more complex collages that emulate the way in which we remember things we once saw. 

Separate from my personal work, I accept commissioned relief print jobs for people who want original artwork that can be duplicated to give to more than one as a gift, etc., or on behalf of another artist who prepares an image and block to be carved. Commissioned print scenarios are all different, but it comes down to: if you have a picture that you'd like to be a woodblock or linoleum print,  I'm your artist. To find out more, send me an email with your specific request questions.